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Musical Leanings

It's not just her Milkshake should be getting the attention... the entire cd is great! At turns both raunchy and ridiculous, give this girl a go!
Imogen Heap
Her first big hit was "Come here BOY", and that was a great angry girl album to add to my collection. Now, after a diversion into electronica-duet-land, she's back in the studio working on her second solo album, and anticipation is HIGH.
Imogen Heap has lost her vituperative growl and teamed up with a mellow man for some gothic fairy background music... that's about as close as I can get to an explanation ;)
k.d. lang
Soon to be updated again... she's got a new album coming out on my birthday, with a cover of "Hallelujah"... Happy Birthday to me!
Another great crazy angry woman artist (are ya noticing a trend yet?) and it looks like she's in the studio working on new material.
Tracy Bonham
She's on the way back (she's been having label drama) and she's hopefully got some new stuff in the works.
Jill Sobule
Independent and thriving... she's got clips on the website and a live DVD available, and I'm hoping she's still kissing girls :)
Jack Lukeman
I'm linking directly to his official page now... but if you check out their links you'll find my site! He's switched out most of the band since I last saw them, but he still sounds great!
This is a good fansite for Alisha's Attic, a UK girly pop duo I discovered at the first Lilith Fair... think Murmurs with an accent and no tribadism. They've split to do solo stuff, but if you can find their old recordings jump on them.
This is her official website, and she's definitely still progressing in her evolution as an artist... butch r&b punkster to tatted-out rocker to volly clubkid... where she goes, nobody knows.
Addicted to Joan
This is the official Joan Osborne page, and it looks like after bouncing around on other people's albums and compositions for the past few years, she's finally working on another album of her OWN!
Melissa Etheridge
Yes, she is... lucky. I mean, how many people recover from that kind of shock to the emotional system with such vigor and success? Well, Ellen, but who else?
"BETTY is more than a band, she's a journey. Are you ready for BETTYland? Take the trip!"
'Weird Al' Yankovic
The latest album is called Poodle Hat, but all I can think is... "AL, PUT YOUR GLASSES BACK ON FOR PETE'S SAKE!"
The Official Moxy Fruvous Website
AAIGH! These guys are fantastic! Great, funny, fast, smart songs harmonies lyrics... unfortunately, it looks like there's nothing new coming down from the Great Weird North; the official site hasn't been updated since 2002. Sigh.

Daou Music
Vanessa Daou is just dirty and wrong. Think Sade, and then take off all of her clothes, inject her with morphine, shackle her to an iron-wrought bedframe and hand her a mike. Wrong, wrong, and more please! This site's awaiting a relaunch, but there's a link to Amazon, where you can hear sound clips.
Ani DiFranco
The official Ani homepage, on Righteous Babe. New album info and clips and stuff.
Melissa Ferrick
Oddly enough, I haven't really listened to anything of hers since "Valentine Heartache". I got kind of cranky with her after the GabyNMos snubbing... whatever. I'm leaving the link up because I *do* like her earlier stuff.
The Gretchen Phillips Experience
Lord Douglas Phillips, which combines something like 50 years of cumulative Austin punk/folk/rock dyke experience into one snazzy combo, is currently on hiatus (although they might be recording) Gretchen's putting out a fun-sounding fag-dyke duet album soon too, and she's been touring w/ Le Tigre last I heard.
Maia Sharp
Wonderful singer/songwriter with a deep sexy voice... I've got the new album, and it's fantastic!
Eddi Reader
Great singer from Glasgow, I was hooked by her self-titled US release. She's got a new album out of RobbieBurns covers that I definitely plan on picking up.
Paula Cole dot com
This is the best Paula Cole site I could find. Good updates, recent interviews (here's someone else with label woes) and she's got a new album just waiting for a distributer.
Libby Kirkpatrick
Singer/songwriter... her vocal range and control is unbelievable... think Yma Sumac but twee.
Doria Roberts
Atlanta-based singer-songwriter, nominated for a GLAMA, Doria has a wonderfully sexy voice, and does a lot of political work to boot. But it's not all political... check out "Perfect" if you've got a few minutes to daydream.
Jenny Hollub
Beautiful voice, great lyrics... used to be a friend of mine, but we haven't spoken in awhile. I'm glad to see that she's doing so well :) Unfortunately the site isn't really done, so you can't get info or hear clips, but I have my fingers crossed!

RockOn TV
This page provides up-to-date daily and weekly information about musicians appearing on tv- performances & interviews.
Ladyslipper: Music by Women
This is a huge online catalog of gay and women's music. You can order a paper catalog or buy over the web.

Bookworm, bookworm...

Fan Fiction WebRing
Alas, the KSNicolas monster FanFic site has fallen away into the abyss, so this is the next best that I've been able to find in the last few minutes... the general hub of fanfic webrings. You'll have to dig around a lot more, but don't be so damn lazy!
Captain's Quarters
G.L. Dartt's Seven/Janeway stories. The JustBetween series got them through hell and home in 5 seasons, and the Millenium series is already 4 episodes into its second. This is a beautiful potrayal of the evolution of a real relationship (and yes, I still say that despite the fact that it's a meta-fictional one, it still counts)
Sith Academy
The Sith Academy has ended its graceful reign of gut-twisting humor and homo-eroticism (I love that phrase, homo-eroticism... sounds so hoighty-toighty). 181 great stories, great artwork... check out this wonderful site.
The Athenaeum
The Motherlode of Xena fanfic. Collected and divided by length and/or content for easy selection.
The New Library of Alexandria
Smitty, aka Oromenes, has written some of the best fiction I've ever read- not just best fanfic, but fiction period. Great Xena and gender-bending stories, check it out!

HardCore NutBall

This is the Graveside Service... my little tribute to the love that never dies: the obsessive love for shows that no longer air anywhere but in my heart... sniff.
Xena Online Resources
Crossroads of the Xenaverse. Has Everything. Seriously, everything. Now with a search engine!
This is the true home of Xena: Warrior Princess. Episode summations, rumors, guest stars, articles.. everything! If you're looking for an XWP support group, here it is. They still put out articles every month... gotta love 'em!
Tom's Xena Page
This is the Xena Library. Sound clips, images, videos, Windows95 stuff (yeah, I know) and the home of the defunct BattleOn! comic, which is definitely worth archiving.
LaLa's XWP Episode Reviews
LaLa is the Queen of Xena Commentary :) Her reviews are detailed and bone-crackingly funny... if you ever missed an ep, go here. It hasn't been updated in 3 years, but it's STILL too funny to let go!
BruceCampbell Online
Personal homepage of the man who plays Autolycus on XWP, Ashe from the EvilDead trilogy, and many other great roles. Check it out, and if you haven't seen Bubba HoTep yet, get ye to the video store and rent it!
This is the hub for Buffy and/or Angel fans. While these shows were airing this site had up-to-the-sec spoilers, message boards, reviews, etc. Now it's just a wonderful reminder of the way things were.
Willow's Alley
Willow and Tara were so cute together! Until Willow was all grrrr and Tara was all ouchie and Willow was all "but pookie" and then it was over and sad. But this site makes it all better! Plus Amber doing RockyHorror karaoke!!!
Buffy on TwoP
I have another link to TelevsionWithoutPity, but I wanted to put a dedicated link here for Buffy because if you go here, it's like being there watching the show with a bunch of rabid Buffy fans, without feeling like a total pariah! Bonus!

Good Times in my Spare Time

Star Trek
OK, I've linked to the "official" site for now, until I track down a really good fan site.
My favorite British comedy, now in its 8th? season. Spacetravel, pleasure-GELFs, renegade robots... what else could you want?
Penn & Teller
NEW homepage of Penn & Teller (the old one is now a porn site), with links to online articles written by the duo, background info, and fan pages.
Adult Swim
SeaLab 2021. Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Harvey Birdman. Futurama. Space Ghost. The return of The Brak Show. Family Guy. Home Movies. Mission Hill. And a bunch of Japanese Anime Action crap that I never watch...
The Complete X-Files Page
Hmmmm... haven't put this one through its paces yet, but it's pretty good!
Queerios: Austin's RHPS live cast
Homepage of the (former) longest running RockyHorror cast in the world. gives cast info, show schedules and pictures
Television Without Pity
These guys review everything worth watching, and a few things that you're too embarrassed to watch but are morbidly curious about. In biting, hilarious detail. I don't even NEED my tv!

Funny HaHa

Something Positive
No, not those damned inspirational posters... this is twisted and evil and it's nestled in my heart like a blood-sucking weasel. Cruelty is funny!
Goats: The Comic
Beer-swilling shenanigans, devil-worshipping poultry, and the sexiest goat on the Web...
The Sluggy Freelance Homepage
Worship the comic... one of the funniest online comics I've ever read! Skip down to the archives and start at the beginning... you don't want to miss a single panel.
This is kind of difficult to describe... kind of a punk-ass, Peanuts-meets-BET Afterhours daily comic.
Hothead Paisan
Yes, the Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist is here, and there, and she's coming to Michigyn with a slew of dykely talent with a song in her heart. I'm not sure how I feel about Animal playing HH (oddly enough, from what I hear *Animal* is the BITCH), but I'm oddly hopeful. MMMMMmmmmm CHICKEN!
Single girl, pet dragon, catatonic squirrel...
I'm not sure how to describe this one... follows the adventures of Bruno, a bi-girl in her early 20s. very realistic, very cool
Oh My Gods!
The original weird snarky pagan low-tech comic... apparantly based on someone's real life
People for the Unethical Treatment of Fireflies. Ummmm... hmm. Weekly paganish low-tech comic. Learn the difference between a firefly and a lightning bug.
The Brunching Shuttlecocks
The BS is no longer active, but this site links to the stuff they're still working on... Ratings especially.
The Parking Lot is Full
Sick, twisted hilarious one-panel cartoons that stopped in 2002... but he's working on a new comic, so keep your eyes peeled (no salt)
The Lunatic Lounge!
This bizarre site has stupid human noises, loony links, and the complete audio of TrekLove (K/S anyone?)

Where The Girls Are

The Lesbian History Project
This site is dedicated to filling in the blanks of history, where past dykes have been ignored, deliberately misinterpreted, or simply forgotten. Check here if there's something you want to know, and contribute anything you can.
Good all around current events site for lady-lovers. News, entertainment, etc.
She Says
Homepage for UT's lesbi? women's group. Contains group and meeting info, and links to other sites of interest.
Michigan Womyn's Festival
The mothersite of the closest thing to womyn's paradise... of course, there is some disagreement as to who is welcome and who's not. The 2004 schedule is now up!
The Data Lounge
One of the best gay news sources out there. You can sign up to have breaking news mailed to you, or just keep yourself informed from the site.
Techno Dyke
Great stuff for all the web-savvy lezzies; great info, links, astro, interviews...
You have to see this site to believe it... hilarious!
This is a weird little lesbo help-site: advice, links, pride pics... check it out & see for yourself
Links to lesbian/bisexual/queer sites and mailing lists. very helpful
I know, it's not totally dyke-oriented, but damn this is a great magazine!
GEEQ- Queer SF
This is the page for a queer SF discussion list. also links to other gay scifi sites.
Austin Gay&Lesbian Film Festival
This site gives you movie info, schedule listings (annual festival in the fall), and links. They also have promotions and screenings throughout the year.
Wolfe Video
Home page of the best source for lesbian (& gay) video
Girlfriends Magazine
Homepage of the fabulous magazine, this site shows current articles, previews the next issue and has its own list of hot links.

Polymorphously... oh, you know

The site for those of us with an intelligence fetish... not often updated, but lovely nonetheless.
The Group With No Name
gives general and contact information for GWNN, the Austin pansexual BDSM group. Hosts links to other local kinky clubs as well.
On Our Backs
the ladies who bring us Girlfriends have ressurected a filthier, kinkier On Our Backs... butch/femme, soft and hardcore, andro-bonding, advice column by Nina Hartley, and a new How-To every issue.
Shades Beyond Gray
Pansexual/queer erotic online journal- photos, prose, poetry... and seeking submissions
An erotic community space for queer and trans women. Articles, stories, email...
Nerve Magazine
Literate smut. :> Seriously, this site hosts a great batch of articles, interviews, and opinion pieces
SIR Video
"WHAT does S.I.R. stand for?? SEX, INDULGENCE, and ROCK-N-ROLL!!!" The dyke-run production company that has brought us Bend Over Boyfriend II, Hard Love/How to F*ck In High Heels, and their latest jaunt SugerHighGlitterCity... yummy! Also, go here for a great interview of Shar and Jackie by Michelle Tea.
Pat Califia
OK, gender-tweaking update follows... This person is an incredible writer, and extremely informed (and practiced) in the BDSM community. The site has writing excerpts, articles, and links to other great sites.
Forbidden Fruit
The lovely woman-owned shop I work for, serving kinky yet discerning customers in the Austin area... come and check us out ;>
Vixen Creations
This fantastic fistful of womyn makes silicone toys for the discriminating player.
Toys In Babeland
With stores in Seattle and NYC, these fierce ladies pick up where Good Vibrations leave off... caters to a hipper, younger crowd than the lovely folks at GV... founded by 2 women in 1993.
This site has a huge selection of toys and tools for bois & grrls.
SnakePit Leatherworks
These are, quite frankly, the highest quality whips and floggers that I've ever seen in my life! Mmmph, if only I could afford to line my walls with these...

That Old-Time Religion

The Church of the SubGenius
We descendents of the Yeti bond together in holy 24hr matrimony for psychofornication and massive frontal lambadamy under the full mooning smile of J.R. Booooooobbb Dobbbbbbbssss. I'm in discernment!
I'm not even going to try it... check it out and grok for yourself.
Witches' Voice
This is the main hub for 'organized' witchcraft. All of the groups, covens, cabals and solitary witchlings can register here... makes it easier for us to find each other for parties.

Take Me Back

Night After Night with Alan Havey
This was my favorite late night talkshow! Alan, Nick, Dave the Weatherman, one audience member and one guest. Used to be on Ha!/The Comedy Channel.
Remote Control
The best game show EVER! Deep in the bowels of Ken Ober's basement, students competed in weird tv categories for fabulous prizes. Used to be on MTV.
Cartoons of the Eighties
This webring links over 200 sites devoted to various cartoon shows of the eighties. A berry, berry nice place to visit.

Beauty Is Its Own Excuse For Being

Absolutely Angelina Jolie
Great page, lots of high quality pictures
Janeane Garofalo Gallery
Pure and simple, pictures of a pretty lady :)
The Official Gillian Anderson Website
This page is phenomenal. UPDATES! And very well organized
Jodie Foster Gallery
My favorite Jodie site. Simple, organized, beautiful. Lots of great pics.
The Mad-Hatter's Sara Gilbert Page
Mmmmmm... Sara ;> This is my favorite Sara Gilbert site, check it out.
oh yes, Lori Petty
My own bare-bones site to the deserving little butchling Lori Petty. Just pics and links :)
All Things Sekhmet
The Lion-Headed Goddess, Lady of the Place of the Beginning of Time
The Goddess Art of J.E. Bowser
This site has wonderful representations of the Goddess in her many forms, and some wonderful landscape work as well
Brian's Art and Critic Page
Huge collection of art, both rare and popular. A definite must-see for the online art lover!

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