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Why do you need this info anyway?

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

I can't find the picture of myself that I want to use for the site, so until then just use your imagination.

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Names: Andy, Andrea, Erda, Lioness27, saturngirl

Birthdate: July 27, 1976

Astro: FireDragon, Leo-Cusping-Cancer (Yes, I know I'm cusping backwards, just work w/ me), with Sun/Moon/Ascendant in Leo (I'm not that bad, really)

Status: single and polyamorous

Appearance: I look like a black version of Velma, if you can wrap your mind around that concept... your basic geek.

Identity: Polymorphously perverse pansexual femme dyke switch

Likes: Gender-blenders, butch boys, travel, intellectual stimulation, BDSM, geek-media, Xena slash, french fries with mayo, backrubs, Baskin Robbins French Vanilla, verbal tangos, women's soccer, surprises, knives, kittens

Dislikes: men's sports, pc-police, pickles, studying, computer crashes, 90+ degree temperatures, being hit by trucks, okra, Oprah, spicy food, fuschia

Status update

Check here for changes in my vital statistics: for example, if I lose a limb in a sky-diving accident, or get into a monogamous relationship. Both scenarios are equally unlikely.

9/10/01 - Created this damn page.

2/4/02 - Updated (a bit) and started cleaning out my links