How Odd and Rare This Beauty

The Air That I Breathe: Wonderful & rarely seen photos of k.d.lang. WARNING! *Big* pictures, long downloads!
the angelina pages: Very *very* nice page! Lots of pictures, and up-to-the-minute content.
David Negrin's Janeane Garafalo page: I love this woman! Something about the combination of wry cynicism and unconscious beauty...
The Official Gillian Anderson Website: This page is phenomenal. Even better than my old link, because this one UPDATES! Almost 2000 pictures (that's right, 2000).
Jodie Foster Gallery: This is my favorite Jodie site. Simple, organized, beautiful. Lots of great pics.
oh yes, Lori Petty: wonderful hot butchy Lori Petty has finally gotten what's coming to her... her own wonderful photosite. Not just TankGirl for a change.
The Mad-Hatter's Sara Gilbert Page: This is my favorite Sara Gilbert site, check it out

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Looking for that special someone?

I have been surfing the web for several years now, and despite long
hours of.. let's just call it research.. there are many fantastic 
photos inexplicably missing from the web.  So this page will eventually
contain all of my favorite pics of wonderful beautiful people that are 
either not already out here, too hard to find, or just too gorgeous
for me to resist.  Also, links to the better photo sites already out there.
No copyright infringements intended, no profit made, no lawsuits please!

last updated 8/5/99... more updates coming!