Yes, I'm back!


I know, it's been like 6 months... what can I say, I've been busy and kd hasn't :) Anyway, I'm going through the links, so if you know of any new ones to send me then NOW is the time.

Song Lyrics

A Truly Western Experience: lyrics NOT UP YET
Angel With a Lariat: lyrics NOT DONE
Shadowlands: lyrics NOT UP YET
Absolute Torch and Twang : lyrics
Ingenue: lyrics
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues: track listing and lyrics
All You Can Eat: lyrics
Drag: lyrics
Invincible Summer: lyrics NOT UP YET
Other: lyrics to non-album tracks NOT UP YET


The Air That I Breathe
My little collection of rarer kdlang pics. Mostly stuff I didn't see elsewhere :) WARNING! *Big* pics to download!

Links To Other Pages

Warner Bros. official kdlang site
Same old official site... you can still sign up for updates, but I've updated MY page twice since they've had an update, so...
Official SITE
The fan site is currently mirroring the WBR site, but I'll leave this just in case.
Obvious Gossip
The old kdlang fan club... hasn't been updated since January... this Jan or last, I'm not sure
Bel's Cybercafe for k.d. and her fans
Not sure if this site is still under construction... organized like a menu, definitely a tasty treat!
k.d.lang Museum
This is still gone, and it was a great website... anyone with info please email me
k.d.lang Net
Wow. Everytime I visit Mayumi's site, I'm more and more impressed... I only *wish* I had those HTML skills :)
k.d.lang Gallery
Tina's fantastic article listing/photo gallery page... updates too, check out the videos... added in October
J9's k d lang Page
New location, great start... and I just realized that this is the person who writes StarTrek fanfic :)
k.d.lang Pages
Ethan did the video for "Trail of Broken Hearts" and put up a few prairie pics from his journey
k.d.lang FAQ
Last updated 10/23/95... ok, it's time for someone to catch the FAQ up!
k.d.lang Pages
Deb's link site to online interviews and other kd pages.
Lavender Jane Loves Women's Music
This basically gives kd's complete discography, in a cute little purple layout. Also those of the other Holy Sisters: ME & the IndigoGirls.
Sassy's kd page
This is Sassy's little picture tribute to kdlang. Has some personal pictures and a few published ones.
Tribute to Kd Lang
This is a nice personal site about kd with a bunch of good pictures (not thumbnails). Sign the Dreambook!
Jayne's kd lang photos
New location- pictures from a Melbourne show during the AYCE tour... very nice:>
Sessions presents k.d. lang
OK, Sessions has been down for awhile now... weren't they just showing new episodes the other day? Sigh...
Moosejuice's kdlang picture site
4 nice pics of kd signing cds in Brisbane
kd lang
Jazzer's kd site... cool bio and gallery link. I've linked directly to the kd content, but check out the rest of her site too!
Groove Site- Red, Hot & Lisbon
Somewhere, hidden in the bowels of this site, is a RA recording of Fado Hilario... can't link directly because they move it around
kd lang ingenue
This site hosts 5 MP3S clips from Ingenue
k.d. lang- radio request lines
This Warner site gives a list of all the radio stations that *should* be playing kd.. if they're not, let them know!
What We Want
HerSalon is down, for goddess knows how long
Missy's page
Missy's list of bootlegs, just so y'all will know what's out there
kdlang on divastation
Bio from 1995, updated discography, and picture page
CANOE presents k.d.lang
THE Canadian archive source for kdlang info: tons of articles and reviews. Do a search from here.
Rock On TV
This page goes through and lists every appearance for every musician every week... You can look at each day, or type in "K.D. Lang" at the top to search
RockontheNet: k.d. lang
This page has a short-short FAQ, bio and links accented with cute pictures... check out the links
iMusic Showcase: k.d.lang
Drag-era bio, discography with music clips, and a BBS
Ahhhh... ebay. Just bought an Ingenue tour shirt for $5... gotta love it. Just search Her name for the booty...
k.d. lang
a CD search result, gives track listings for all of kd's cds, plus a couple of the boots


KCRW RealAudio interview
Thursday Oct 19, 1995, 40 minutes of kd on Morning Becomes Eclectic! interview and music! happy happy happy!
Q&A with k.d. lang
E! Online interview with kd, following the release of Drag
Home Cooked k.d.
kd's Indonesian salad recipe
Live! Constantly Craving
Interview as kd is in studio putting the final touches on Drag, one little suit pic [down when I updated]
k.d. lang...No Drag
The iZINE interview... nice, and a nice BIG pic right at the top
Mini-in-depth review of Drag by Brenda Spencer, with pictures from the cd [down when I updated]
k.d. lang takes us Anywhere But Here
... and I quote: "I'm like a squirrel; I like to hide my gems." LOL!

Mailing Lists

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This is still up-and-running, as far as I know...

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